[JDEV] Jabber Server problem: Need help

Brian Wise wiseb at colorado.edu
Fri Oct 27 02:03:07 CDT 2000


    Keith, thank you for your advice.  It was a problem with the IP of the server and how the client was connecting to it.  I changed the host name to my IP, and connected to the client.  However, I am now getting authentication errors.  I am also now using a different IP, so the 10.0.0.x numbers do not appear anymore.  I have attached the main part of the debug output where the authentication error happens (also attached the config file), and would appreciate any insight.  I am getting a little more familiar with the overall server, but am still quite new....  Also, if some of the questions I am asking are documented somewhere, can you please point me to that documentation? (so I don't bother the mail list with questions that documentation already covers).  Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.


>The problem you are having is partly due to a client issue.. you are connecting to as your server >name (in the client) but you have your server hostname set to "Hal", since it cannot find the host "" >internally, this is why you are getting configuration erros..
>One way to fix this would be to connect to the server name "Hal" in your client, the other would be to add >the tag: <alias to="Hal"/> into the config section of the "c2s" service.  this will allow for this type of >Proxying, converting all "" to "Hal" in the server name...  although, I don't believe this has been >fully tested, so let me know if you go this route, and it still doesn't work for you.

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