[JDEV] transport problems

Erich Zigler needo at superhero.org
Fri Oct 27 13:51:48 CDT 2000

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 11:32:18AM -0400, Brian Lalor wrote:

> > 2.) Do you want to use jabber.org's transports or are you installing your
> > own?
> Can you do this without specifically configuring jabber.org to allow it?

Yes, but this is a one shot deal. If you decide sometime in the future to
use your own transports the transition is not an easy one.

> > 3.) Is DNS setup properly for aim.yourdomain.com and icq.yourdomain.com
> Is this documented somewhere?  I haven't seen it.

Look in the README's of the transports. I believe that is where I originally
saw it.

Erich Zigler       

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