[JDEV] How can I contact the adns developer?

Ian Jackson ian at davenant.greenend.org.uk
Sun Oct 29 13:12:52 CST 2000

Bob Monaghan writes ("[JDEV] How can I contact the adns developer?"):
> A little off topic, but I've just fixed some bugs with the adns package,
> so that it will work
> with Silicon Graphics' IRIX OS. (My next step is the jabber libraries..)
> Sending mail to any of the email address listed on the adns web page
> returns a bounced email.
> Anyone know how to get in contact with the gentleman?

I'm interested in your patches, of course.

If your mail is bouncing this will almost certainly be because of a
configuration error at your end.  chiark runs some very strict
anti-spam software which will refuse your mail if your configuration
is broken, because broken configurations have a high correlation with

So, please examine the bounce message, which should tell you (or an
appropriate mail expert) what the problem is.  If you fix the problem
you can get your mail through.  If you cannot figure out what to do,
or your sysadmins are recalcitrant, please contact
postmaster at slimy.greenend.org.uk, which is an alternative address for
chiark's postmaster, and I'll be happy to advise.

WRT your patch, I'll send you under separate cover a special address
to use to mail me.


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