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Mark Turner mturner at ontoptech.com
Mon Oct 30 09:34:28 CST 2000

Hiya all.
I sent the following mail to info at jabber.org <mailto:info at jabber.org>  and I
was directed here. Any help would be excellent.
I have a question about using the jserver and a few about some problems
we're wondering about.
I'm currently working on a client for the jserver which is in the basic
testing communications stage. Currently the client will open the port,
perform operations correctly and will then send the </stream:stream> to
close down. According to the PRM, I should receive a </stream:stream> back
from the server, which I'm not receiving. Looking at the server in debug I
can see it close the port down and the client detects the closed port but
there is no server response. is the PRM correct or is there a problem with
the client or the server?
As part of our research into using IM we looked at RVP as well. RVP is
wrapped around http:// which lets it tunnel through proxies and firewalls to
establish connections to the server. Does Jabber currently do tunnelling or
is it planning to. If not, how do you suggest connecting through proxies or
firewalls? We've thought of changing the port of the client and server but
that would only work for some firewalls.
One of your news updates mentions server farms. Can you give me any more
information about this feature?
Thanks in advance for any help :->
Mark Turner
http://www.ontoptech.com <http://www.ontoptech.com/> 
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