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Thanks for your response.  My comments below yours...

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>well, they will still exchange data, only *slowly*.. 

Looking closer with a smaller message, I notice that you are correct, they
are still
transferring data, slowly is definitely the keyword.  If I have a 6000-12000
character message that I have each of two clients sent to each other in one
go, then with default
karma settings the transfer is about 20-times slower than if I have karma
turned off,
(140 seconds versus 7 seconds for the transfers to occur, flow rates of 43
versus 750 bytes/sec).

>> I tried various karma configuration settings, like raising the max to 100
>> or so.  Some of these attempts resulted in Jabber 1.2 exiting (no core
>> just an exit or an abort) when I ran my client tests.

>That's interesting.. can you give me the values that are causing the server
to crash?

If you leave all of the karma settings as their defaults and set the maximum
to 100
and then run a test where two clients log on and make their presence's aware
to each
other and then have each client send something like 6000-12000 characters in
a single
message to each other in a single submission from both sides, then jabberd
will die.
I do not find any core file.  My ulimit is a very large number and I was
core dumps when I was playing with Jabber 1.0, so perhaps something is
exiting or
aborting?  I am running jabberd in debug mode and collecting stderr and
stdout to
a file.  I see nothing obvious in the file, the last 3 entries in the file
were all:

    io_select.c:319 io_main checking sockets

>as i mentioned above, it limits the amount of data a "malicious" user can
>at a time, to flood the server, or another user.  it's an i/o limiter.

The behavior is a pretty steep throttle.  In the the 6000-12000 char message
above, it essentially shuts down the xmit window to a trickle until the
finally gets out.

What do you suggest I do if I want to up the burst window by an order of
magnitude or
more?  Can I do that with settings in jabber.xml (what settings might I
use?) or do 
I need to go into the pthsock code and compile larger numbers in?

Just wondering...Are the rates mentioned in the karma.txt document 
  (5.5K/2sec, 1K/2 sec) pretty much regarded as the typical usage/user?  
  I notice that other chat systems like IRC have file transfer capabilities,
  is Jabber expected to be able to do this?  Will these xfer windows work
  for this?  Is this a client issue, meaning that the client needs to be
  of these windows and be intelligent enough to pace itself during



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