[JDEV] Karma and Jabber 1.2 RC

Jim Sewell jsewell at exobox.com
Tue Oct 31 18:57:08 CST 2000


>we just found the reason why your server will crash (or exit) when you set
>your max karma to anything greater than 10..

Glad to be of bug detecting service ;-)
Thanks for your help and answers.  Thanks also to David Waite.

If I want the corrected karma code where should I look for it and when will
be available?  

>it will only read a max of 8K not, or an effective max karma of about 81...

I am confused by your last statement.  Do you mean that in the fixed code,
range that you can set the max karma values in the jabber.xml file is 1 to
And, the 81 is due to the current set of constants compiled into the code?

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