[JDEV] problem compiling xdb_mysql

Tzvetan Tzankov cecot at dirbg.com
Sun Apr 1 06:06:40 CDT 2001

i have downloaded jabber from cvs (jabber2, libjabber, libxode, libetherx,
jabber-transports) everithing compiles fine, except that it compiles with
for xdb_mysql there is no description how to compile it. i saw xdb_odbc and
the description there, there is a patch which changes configure.in file and
when run autogen.sh it makes the odbc package, but there is no such thing
for mysql, so i tried to make my own patch, but it didn't worked - gives me
some strange errors (if someone is interested i can tell you what does they
look) (also i think that Makefile.am for mysql is not correct)

i know that probably i have missed something critical, but i can't find
if there is anybody to know something about xdb_mysql PLEASE tell me. thanx
in advance

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