[JDEV] jabberd tries to connect externally + jud trouble

Ørjan Sandland orjan at sandland.ws
Mon Apr 2 08:32:00 CDT 2001

> At 02:40 PM 4/2/01 +0200, you wrote:
> >I start JabberD, all seems ok. When I start WinJab, I get this message on
> >the server console:
> >[root at vkhdli08 jabber-1.4]# jabberd/jabberd &
> >[1] 6207
> >[root at vkhdli08 jabber-1.4]# 20010402T14:36:06: [notice]
> >failed to establish connection
> >20010402T14:36:06: [notice] (update.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to
> >959967039 at update.jabber.org/ from
> >BC_Orjan_Sandland at vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com/BC_Orjan_Sandland_85: Server
> >Connect Failed
> This is now, I think, a Frequently Asked Question.....
> Answer:  Comment out the <update> stanza from your configuration file.

Sorry, I should have stated that I already have commented this in the
configuration file..
Also, when I select Roster | Search for a contact - I get an error in my
incoming messages.
Sender is "ERROR", subject is "Server error!" and content is "Not Found".

I read something about a "dial-back" thing to prevent spoofing that might be
>From how it identifies me ( @vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com), it seems like it tries
to send the dialback to the server instead of my client, thus failing to

I'm quite new to this, but I know my way around Unix pretty well.

Oh, also... I'm behind a firewall that restricts the 5552 (?) port. I have
no way of using IRC either, so posting to this mailing list is my only way
of getting in touch with you guys.

Best regards,
Ørjan Sandland

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