[JDEV] Q: Priority values in presence?

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Mon Apr 2 15:44:59 CDT 2001

Is there a generally-used "priority" value that the various clients use 
when setting presence? libjabber doesn't itself set it, nor does 
everybuddy (libEBjabber.c). According to the spec, that will default the 
priority to zero. I want to be well-behaved and not have my client usurp 
everyone else's in the case of multiple logins.

Do any of the other clients out there use different values?
Is zero considered the default for a normal GUI client? If so, would 
something like a pager have a negative priority?
Do any of the clients let the user adjust the priority?

And most importantly, is the server at all intelligent about considering 
availability as well as priority — if two online resources for the same 
jid both have priority n, but one is available while the other is away 
or dnd, will traffic be routed to the available one? If not, that 
implies that a well behaved client should automatically lower its 
priority as its status becomes less available.


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