[JDEV] Scaling and 2.0

temas temas at box5.net
Mon Apr 2 18:41:41 CDT 2001

Well, 2.0 is still a rough idea in our heads, but there is a lot coming 
together.  Maybe a bit more will be known soon.  As for scaling I can 
give you some of that.  Currently I'm finishing up a first quick round 
of a program called dpsm (devpoll session manager).  It's a multiplexing 
front end for jabberd that scales really well.  Along with that we're 
working on farming ideas which will allow multiple servers to act as 
one.  Good stuff, should be out soon.


Colin Madere wrote:

> Is there a place where I can get info on what is planned for Jabber 
> 2.0 and scalability features?
> OR
> Could someone from the dev team give us a quick run-down?
> I'm about to have to put in place some serious jabber servers and need 
> some scaling info and plan.
> Contacting jabber.com also...
> Colin Madere
> Vedalabs, Inc.

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