[JDEV] Q: How to indicate denial of subscription?

Dave Smith dizzyd at dizzyd.com
Mon Apr 2 19:25:05 CDT 2001

Yup..you send <presence type='unsubscribed'> right back at the person.


On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 05:13:20PM -0700, Jens Alfke wrote:
> How does a client deny a subscription request (incoming <presence 
> type=subscribe> tag)? The JPO and JPG have nothing to say on the topic. 
> Surely I should send something back, otherwise the originator is just 
> left hanging, waiting for me to approve their subscription. 
> My best guess is to send back a <presence type=unsubscribed>, but that 
> doesn't seem right somehow. 
> ?Jens

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