[JDEV] Q: Does roster require manual management?

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Tue Apr 3 17:56:44 CDT 2001

I'm still confused about the server-side roster. Is the roster entity 
that's managed by means of jabber:iq:roster queries the same thing as 
the current set of people whose presence I'm subscribed to? Or is it a 
separate entity that the client needs to manually keep in sync with 
subscribe requests?

That is, if I subscribe to someone's presence by sending <presence 
type=subscribe>, will the server automatically add them to my roster, or 
do I also need to send an <iq type=set> tag with a jabber:iq:roster 
query? (And ditto for unsubscribing?)

[The JPO and JPG authors might take note ... I consider this one of the 
most confusing aspects of Jabber so far. It deserves to be described in 
its own section, not just buried in a discussion of the XML schema for 


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