[JDEV] help with possible jabber solution

Ernie ernie.cline at ipgdirect.com
Tue Apr 3 20:40:49 CDT 2001

Hey all,
I posted this to the perl-dev mailing list, but I noticed it doesn't get
much traffic ... Anyway, I have a problem, and I'm hoping jabber can help
me out.  What we (well, my boss) wants to do is have a simple web form
that allows some of our users to send an "instant message" to a list of
people (who want it!  This woudln't be spamming).  Is this possible with
jabber? I see that it has a perl interface that allows you to send a
message ... if the transports were all working on a given server, would
I be able to send messages to aol, msn, yahoo and icq users?

If jabber doesn't do that ... would anyone know of some way I could?

Thanks in advance all ...


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