[JDEV] Trouble with local JUD

Ørjan Sandland orjan at sandland.ws
Wed Apr 4 08:22:32 CDT 2001

Hi again folks.

The "feature" related to WinJab is now ok after switching off the option in
the client. Thanks for the tip.
I still have some other problems though, which I think is related to JUD
Since I'm behind a corporate firewall, I can't make use of the JUD on the
Internet, so I have tried to install a local instance of it.

I just did a clean install of jabber, placing the jud directory inside the
jabber directory.
Jabber compiles cleanly, but the jud compile gives some warnings like this:

In file included from jud.c:31:
jud.h:33:17: warning: "VERSION" redefined
../jabberd/jabberd.h:36:1: warning: this is the location of the previous

It's been a while since I did any C, so I can't remember what it really
says. If I recall correctly though, it's not critical.
I just thought I'd mention it - as it's the only error I've seen besides the
next (and probably more relevant) one.

I configured jabber.xml with JUD exactly as the Server Howto 1.4 on the
docs.jabber.org website.
The only localization I did, was to change the jud.localhost reference and
swap it with my local FQDN for the jabber server machine.
I was a bit puzzled why it was called "jud.localhost" though? I'd assume it
would only be named localhost?
I actually tried to use the "jud" in front of the FQDN, making it
jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com, just to see if that would do some magic, but
then it gave me different errors (trouble resolving hostname) so I removed

I turned on XML debug output in the WinJab client, and when I try to search
for a contact in the roster menu, this is what happens.
1. I select "Jabber User Directory" from the "search via" drop-down box
2. I get an incoming message with sender "ERROR", subject "Server Error!"
and body "Not Found".
3. XML debug output is as follows:

SENT: <iq type="get" id="wjSFields_wj_10" to="vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com"><query
RECV: <iq type='error' id='wjSFields_wj_10'
to='BC_Orjan_Sandland at vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com/BC_Orjan_Sandland_85'
from='vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:search'/><error
code='404'>Not Found</error></iq>

I would like to add, that the search window does not look all normal, as I
don't get any search criterias for firstname, lastname and similar. Also,
the "85" on the end of my selected nickname was appended at my first
registration (on the first installation of jabber). This is my second
install of jabber....

Sorry for being so verbose here. I realise that this could be a client
thing... something conceptual that I didn't understand yet, but it looks
more like a server problem from my side of it.

Any suggestions on how to proceed from here is more than welcome, and I hope
I didn't bore you too much.

Best regards,
Ørjan Sandland
Senior Consultant
Net Technology AS

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