[JDEV] Trouble with local JUD

Ørjan Sandland orjan at sandland.ws
Wed Apr 4 09:27:55 CDT 2001

> Make sure that "jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com" is resolvable, i.e., add it to
> the 'hosts' file on the machine on which the Jabber server runs.

Hi Constantin,

thanks for a quick response, but I've already ruled out this error

See this section of my original post:
> > The only localization I did, was to change the jud.localhost
> > reference and
> > swap it with my local FQDN for the jabber server machine.
> > I was a bit puzzled why it was called "jud.localhost" though?
> > I'd assume it
> > would only be named localhost?
> > I actually tried to use the "jud" in front of the FQDN, making it
> > jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com, just to see if that would do some
> > magic, but
> > then it gave me different errors (trouble resolving hostname)
> > so I removed
> > that.

Since using jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com gave me a problem with
resolving the hostname, I believe that using vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com
works and is resolved.

So the problem must be elsewhere.

Best regards,
Ørjan Sandland
Senior Consultant
Net Technology AS

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