[JDEV] Jabber Test Suite

Dustin Puryear dpuryear at usa.net
Wed Apr 4 10:37:02 CDT 2001

I am working with a company that will be using Jabber. I have been
assigned the task of determining performance numbers for issues of
scalability. In order to do this I have been working on a suite of
programs to test various aspects of the Jabber server's (or platform's!)
performance and limitations. Specifically, here are the numbers we want:

o limitation: maximum connections
o performance, passive, for n users:
	* time to connect
	* time to establish stream
	* time to login
o performance, active, for n users:
	* time to connect
	* time to establish stream
	* time to login
	* time to send x messages between y users

The difference between passive and active is that with passive the n
clients connect and then wait. With the active test each client will
connect and then begin sending some arbitrary number of messages to
other clients while the new clients in turn connect and do the same. I
have pretty much completed the limitation test and passive performance
test. The next stage is the active performance testing. BTW, we are
aware of simulate3. However, I didn't find it very effective for our
needs. Also, the source's documentation was rather terse, to say the

Is anyone interested in using this suite as well as helping to work out
any problems? We will be releasing the test suite as GPL'd software
available on SourceForge. We would be VERY happy if members of jdev and
jadmin would checkout the code and make any suggestions they felt would
make the software more effective. 

I have just created the SourceForge account and project, so it may take
up to two days for the project to become active.

Regards, Dustin

Dustin Puryear <dpuryear at usa.net>
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