[JDEV] Trouble with local JUD

Ørjan Sandland orjan at sandland.ws
Wed Apr 4 10:49:43 CDT 2001

> > Since using jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com gave me a problem with
> > resolving the hostname, I believe that using vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com
> > works and is resolved.
> >
> > So the problem must be elsewhere.
> Nope, THAT is the problem. Put an entry in your host-file
> like: jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com
> and use this name in the jabber configuration for JUD.
> This solved the problem with JUD for me.

I tried to add the real ip-address with the above FQDN (not,
changed the jabber.xml as well as the config in the client.. and nope, it
does not work.
I appreciate all help, but usually, when people claim something is right
they usually back it with some sort of technical fact. It may have worked
for you, but unless jabber/jud have some sort of requirement for having
"jud" in the hosts FQDN - there is no technical reason why your solution
should be relevant to my problem.

I'm going to install this on a different network today to try to see if the
problem does not exist there.

Anyone else?


Ørjan Sandland
Senior Consultant
Net Technology AS

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