[JDEV] Trouble with local JUD

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Wed Apr 4 11:13:28 CDT 2001

Ørjan Sandland wrote:

> I configured jabber.xml with JUD exactly as the Server Howto 1.4 on the
> docs.jabber.org website.
> The only localization I did, was to change the jud.localhost reference and
> swap it with my local FQDN for the jabber server machine.
> I was a bit puzzled why it was called "jud.localhost" though? I'd assume it
> would only be named localhost?
> I actually tried to use the "jud" in front of the FQDN, making it
> jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com, just to see if that would do some magic, but
> then it gave me different errors (trouble resolving hostname) so I removed
> that.
> I turned on XML debug output in the WinJab client, and when I try to search
> for a contact in the roster menu, this is what happens.
> 1. I select "Jabber User Directory" from the "search via" drop-down box
> 2. I get an incoming message with sender "ERROR", subject "Server Error!"
> and body "Not Found".
> 3. XML debug output is as follows:
> SENT: <iq type="get" id="wjSFields_wj_10" to="vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com"><query
> xmlns="jabber:iq:search"></query></iq>
> RECV: <iq type='error' id='wjSFields_wj_10'
> to='BC_Orjan_Sandland at vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com/BC_Orjan_Sandland_85'
> from='vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:search'/><error
> code='404'>Not Found</error></iq>

You will need to have the service called something different than the server
name so traffic can be routed correctly - probably jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com.
This should be set both in the service section for jud, and the agents block
within the jsm 'sessions' configuration (the former telling the server how it
should contact users-agent, the latter telling clients that the jud exists and
where). There may be a requirement that jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com be
resolvable, if the users-agent uses a socket for the connection - in that case
I'd recommend tossing that in the /etc/hosts file. Clients will speak to
jud.vkhdli08.hda.hydro.com through the server, so they won't need to know the
IP themselves.

-David Waite

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