[JDEV] Fetching a users presence

Rafael Molina Rafael.Molina at Group1.Com
Wed Apr 4 13:04:08 CDT 2001

We are using the JabbercCom as the middle layer for our Jabber 1.4
The issue is that when we use the IJabberSession method to get a users
presence, that information is not being returned by the application,
effectively rendering all our users with an off-line status.
Could you please provide us with a sample script on how you are using
JabberCom to get a user's on- or off-line status?  Or any other dll that you
might be using.
We are in the early stages of development and are new to the IM development
world.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Rafael A. Molina
rafael.molina at group1.com <mailto:rafael.molina at group1.com> 
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