[JDEV] Read about what I have got from AOL

Frank Wang frank2wang at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 21:23:32 CDT 2001

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> From: support at aol.net [mailto:support at aol.net]
> Sent: 01 January 1601 00:00
> To: frank2.wang at bigfoot.com
> Subject: Re: Please stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> Dear Frank,
> Hi! I'm Fay from America Online (AOL).  It is my pleasure to 
> assist you with any concerns you may have.
> I understand from your recent e-mail that you are having want to 
> stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> I personally and sincerely do apologize for this inconvenience, 
> but unfortunately, in as much as the TechMail Department would 
> like to assist you with your concerns, Customer Care Consultants, 
> such as myself, are not well-equipped to support your concern, 
> instead, several other queues were organized to support the topic.  
> For your convenience, may I instead refer you to the appropriate 
> area or department, the representatives of which, were 
> specifically trained to entertain your queries please bear in 
> mind that I do want you to have accurate information. 
>  AOL has teamed up and trained a group of people to specialize on 
> the AIM service. All your questions and concerns will be 
> discussed to you properly by one of the representatives. You will 
> be able to gain all the information you need with this service
> AOL provides AIM free to the online community and as such and 
> support is limited to online resources through e-mail.
> AOL Member Services will answer questions about the AIM service 
> through the e-mail address below:
> aimsupport at aol.com 
> If for any reason you need additional help or information and it 
> entails immediacy, may I kindly suggest you to please contact our 
> Technical Support Department by phone at 1-888-346-3704 or talk 
> to our live One-On-One help by going to Keyword ASK THE STAFF. 
> Both departments will guide you through a step-by-step solution 
> to your query.  
> I would like to thank you for your patience and for writing to 
> America Online. I welcome your comments, opinions, and concerns. 
> Please write back with any questions you may have regarding the 
> AOL service or software.
> Fay Sarah C.
> Customer Care Consultant
> The TechMail Department
> America Online, Inc.
> ----------original message----------
> From:  frank2.wang at bigfoot.com
> To:  temp-general at aol.net
> name: frank wang
> email: frank2.wang at bigfoot.com
> subject: Please stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> message: Please stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> I can't talk to my friends on it. We will have to switch away from AIM. 
> Please stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> Frank
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