[JDEV] RE: Stop blocking Jabber

Frank Wang frank2wang at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 4 21:23:35 CDT 2001

I'm talking about http://www.jabber.com/news/special.shtml

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> From: support at aol.net [mailto:support at aol.net]
> Sent: 01 January 1601 00:00
> To: frank2.wang at bigfoot.com
> Subject: Re: Stop blocking Jabber
> Dear Frank,
> Hi! :-)   I am Michelle P. from America Online (AOL) .  As a
> Customer Care Consultant from the TechMail Department, it is my
> pleasure to assist you regarding any concerns you may have.
> I apologize for the frustration that you have been experiencing.
> I am here to help you find the answer quickly.
> I understand from your email that you have question about AOL
> Instant Messenger.
> If a member of America Online has been blocked to send IM, it may
> mean that the master account holder has set the Parental  Control
> setting or the member was rate limited.
> To learn more about rate limiting, please see below:
> Did you receive any e-mail regarding "Rate Limiting" from America Online?
> America Online has received an overwhelming amount of complaints
> concerning unsolicited commercial e-mail, or "junk" mail, and we
> are doing everything we can to protect our members' online
> experience. Because many junk e-mailers collect screen names from
> AOL chat rooms, we put a "Rate Limit" feature in place to deter
> junk e-mailers from collecting member screen names from chat
> rooms. The Rate Limit feature is also used to deter members from
> sending mass numbers of e-mail, Instant Message notes, or Buddy
> Chat invitations, which can disrupt the normal member experience.
> AOL imposes a rate limit on an AOL member's account for any of
> the following:
> - When a member exceeds the acceptable number of Instant Message
> notes or Buddy Chat invitations they send in a given time period.
> - When a member exceeds the acceptable number of chat room
> changes or "Who's Chatting" requests in a given time period.
> When an account is rate limited, the ability to send Instant
> Message notes and Buddy Chat invitations or to see who's chatting
> in a room or move from room to room is blocked for a certain
> period of time or the screen name's connection to AOL may be
> disconnected.
> You may find that your account is rate limited if you send
> repeated attempts to enter a full chat room by pressing the Enter
> or Space keys. Users of "BPS Power Tools," a popular chat add-on,
> may run into error messages if they repeatedly attempt to get
> into a full chat room. AOL is working on a solution that deters
> junk e-mailers while still allowing members to access chat rooms
> without being rate limited.
> While we are working hard to stop junk e-mailers, there are steps
> we also encourage our members to take to avoid junk e-mail. For
> example, you can create a screen name (Keyword: NAMES) that you
> use when you enter chat rooms, then use Mail Controls to block
> all e-mail to that screen name. When you want to e-mail with
> someone you meet in chat, give them your regular screen name or
> go back to Mail Controls, select the Allow e-mail only from
> selected AOL screen names, Internet domains, and addresses option
> and add your friend's name.
> AOL considers the sending of mass numbers of unwanted, disruptive
> messages or the gathering of AOL screen names to be abusive
> online conduct and a violation of AOL's Terms of Service. Rate
> Limits have been put in place to curtail abuse and ensure an
> enjoyable online experience.
> I hope that I have sufficiently provided you with useful
> information about your inquiry. Should you have further questions
> or concerns, please feel free to write back.  It is always been a
>  pleasure to assist you.   :-)
> I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time,
> patience and continued support.
> If for any reason you need additional help or information and it
> entails immediacy, may I kindly suggest you to please contact our
> Technical Support Department by phone at 1-888-346-3704 or talk
> to our live One-On-One help by going to Keyword ASK THE STAFF.
> Both departments will guide you through a step-by-step solution
> to your query.
> May I reiterate my commitment to continue providing you competent
> and efficient online services.
> Thanks for writing America Online.   Have a great day!  :-)
> Michelle P.
> Customer Care Consultant
> The TechMail Department
> America Online Inc.
> ** Announcing the newest face of online help -- AOL Quick Help --
> also found at Keyword: Quick Help. This keyword contains the most
> frequently asked questions by AOL  member with solutions in an
> easy-to-follow format. Keyword: Quick Help has information
> written for the AOL 6.0    feature content.  Members who go to
> Keyword: Quick Help with an older AOL version will see Keyword:
> Help instead.
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> From:  frank2.wang at bigfoot.com
> To:  temp-general at aol.net
> name: Frank Wang
> email: frank2.wang at bigfoot.com
> subject: Stop blocking Jabber
> message: Please stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> I can't talk to my friends on it. We will have to switch away from AIM.
> Please stop blocking Jabber like a child.
> Frank
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