[JDEV] Jabber DevZone News - Quick update and 1.4.1 server release

Jabber DevZone webmaster at jabber.org
Thu Apr 5 04:19:21 CDT 2001

Quick update and 1.4.1 server release

The following was posted by jer at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):

This have been moving quickly lately, and this update is long overdue
and woefully inadequate in
covering all of the activity surrounding Jabber.  Most of the projects
related to Jabber have
their own sites and forums, so this is focusing on primarily the
server, site, and community.

A new 1.4.1 server release is available.  If 1.4 is working fine for
this isn't a required upgrade.  It is mostly a collection of bug fixes
in various areas,
and a couple of small feature additions:

Fixed a possible crash from stray packets to the pthsock component
Unconfiguring server registration now works correctly
Many little bug fixes for mod_groups (major), mod_last (minor), and
mod_roster (minor)
XML Socket (for flash5) support autodetected on xml streams
HTTP PUT (proxy-passthrough) support autodetected
Configuration option to bind outgoing sockets to a local IP
Better cross-platform headers (compile issues on some platforms)
Controlling terminal fix (closing it won't shutdown the server)
Misc socket fixes on BSD

The next major thing to land in CVS for 1.4.2 will be a new expat
parser, and a rewritten xmlnode backend.  The new backend does
on-the-fly parsing and greatly improved memory management. An often
asked-for feature is anonymous logins, which will be included in
1.4.2, allowing more flexible client access suited for environments
where users are transient (web site visitors, customer service
apps, notification scripts, etc). Also slated for 1.4.2 is the
inclusion of the contributions (ldap, sql, etc), so if you have any
additional features/patches or want     
to get involved in server development, ask and we can get you set up
with cvs access.

In other news, the new jabber.org site backend launch last month and
has gone well.  We now have diaries, news comments, and web
boards, all making it significantly easier to keep up to date and
participate.  Many of the regular developers are using their diaries
regularly (no better time to start if you don't yet!) and everyone is
encouraged to make use of them to talk about their projects or
work in relation to Jabber.  The project index will get a facelift and
upgrade soon as well so that it's easier to keep track of all
of the activity and projects.  The docs.jabber.org site is always
being updated, but there's no easy way to provide feedback with  
comments/corrections, so it's also having a comment system added soon.
 As always, send any feedback on web site issues and    
suggestions to webmaster at jabber.org.

On the immediate horizon, look for an announcement tomorrow regarding
the socket multiplexer project(s) and a beta release of the 
HTTP integration efforts (Web-based clients, public presence
indicators, and XML-RPC).  Keep your eyes open for news and new
there's been lots of interesting discussion recently about Hailstorm,
SOAP, JAM, VoIP/SIP, Calendaring, Web Services, Agents, and
other cool things.

Everything has been developing at an amazing pace around here lately,
and often we're behind in keeping the communication and
development channels up to date.  We're trying to keep up and slowly
getting there, so if you're interested in helping out check out
the help wanted section. If there's been anything you want to know
about, something that has been a cause of
frustration, or an idea you have, we always welcome any kind of
feedback either to info at jabber.org or as a comment on this news item.

Keep Jabbering!


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