[JDEV] Is there any problem with the ICQ gateway?

José Nuno Coelho Sanarra Pires jnp at lis.teleweb.pt
Thu Apr 5 09:16:02 CDT 2001


 I'm installing a Jabber server on my enterprise and I couldn't install the 
ICQ gateway on it. All the requests for registration, search, etc. time out.

 I've been trying to connect to most of the Jabber servers and I've found 
that happens the same thing with all of them (jabber.org, jabber.com, etc.). 
They all time out the requests. Is the ICQ transport broken or something?

 One thing I've noticed in my server is that when the ICQ gateway tries to 
contact the server, it binds the local IP address to my internal network one 
(in this case,, even though this machine has an external 
address (212.a.b.c, I don't remember the rest at the moment) too.  It could 
be the reason why these requests time out, as the address is invalid from the 
point of view of IP addressing in the Internet. But, as this happens in every 
server, is this the problem in every place?

 Is is possible to force the ICQ gateway to use a specific local address, 
just as it's possible for the IP port range?

 Thanks for your attention.

 José Nuno Pires

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