[JDEV] Top-level <error> element is undocumented

Jens Alfke jens at apple.com
Thu Apr 5 12:45:19 CDT 2001

One one attempted login to jabber.org, my embryonic client received an 
<error> element from the server as a direct child (the first) of the 
<stream> element. My parser didn't know what to do with it. This was 
several bug-fixes ago and I believe my client had not sent the 
jabber:iq:auth element correctly, which would explain why the server was 
sending me an error. But I need to know how to parse the error in case 
this happens again!

Neither the JPO nor the JPG describe such an element nor what its 
contents might be. (They only discuss <error> as a child of <presence>, 
<message> or <iq>.) The only place I've seen it mentioned at all is in 
the XML Streams DTD in section 5.1 of the JPG; but this DTD appears to 
be truncated and doesn't describe anything about the element other than 
its existence.

Unfortunately I wasn't capturing the XML to a file and I haven't been 
able to reproduce this state, so I don't know the actual contents of the 
<error> the server sent.

Can anyone elaborate? For now I'm going to go on the hunch that its 
contents are the same as the regular <error> element nested in <iq> etc.

Peter and Thomas, you might take this as an action item to add a 
description of this element to the docs.

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