[JDEV] Limitations of XHTML Basic

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Thu Apr 5 18:45:57 CDT 2001

The JPO and JPG say that HTML content in messages should use the "XHTML 
Basic" dialect. However, the spec for XHTML Basic includes almost 
nothing in the way of visual formatting commands, presumably because 
cellphones don't have fonts and colors. (Kind of shortsighted, if you 
ask me!) So there's no <b>, no <i>, no <font>. The spec does say that 
stylesheets can be used to provide this kind of formatting, which in 
general I'm in favor of, but I don't think that my Jabber client should 
have to be able to parse stylesheets just so users can use fonts and 
colors in messages.

Are there actual Jabber clients that can send/receive HTML messages? How 
are they handling it? My guess is that they're likely to be ignoring the 
spec and just using everyday <b>, <i> ...

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