[JDEV] Jabber DevZone News - Socket Scaling Gets a Boost

Jabber DevZone webmaster at jabber.org
Thu Apr 5 22:33:37 CDT 2001

Socket Scaling Gets a Boost

The following was posted by temas at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):

Jabber.com is happy to resolve some issues regarding the release last
year of a version of the jpolld socket manager for Jabber.  This
software, which increases the scalability of Jabber in certain
is definitely licensed for use under JOSL, the Jabber Open Source
License.  This kind of core software is critical to the pervasive
adoption of Jabber as an open source standard for extensible Instant
Messaging solutions.  Jabber.com is pleased to continue its
to the open source community by making such critical contributions. 
Stay tuned for additional contribution announcements coming soon.

Jabber.Org has just finished a working prototype of the DevPoll
Session Manage (dpsm).  One of the newest and most advanced methods of
socket polling via /dev/poll is now available to Jabber, and will
provide similar multiplexing functionality as jpolld.  Dpsm will soon
begin a round of testing so solid numbers of server performance can be
published, as well as continue to advance the platform by identifying
problem areas in the server code.

Both of these programs can be found in the jabber.org cvs (read the
available cvs docs if you need help with cvs) under the jpolld and
dpsm modules.  It should be noted that jpolld is deprecated code, and
development will continue on only dpsm (there are plans to have a
regular poll backend with the /dev/poll backend).


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