[JDEV] Email or SMS transports?

Ian Chia ian at hyperphonic.com
Fri Apr 6 10:37:45 CDT 2001

There's a wireless transport listed in the DevZone at jabber.org
from Simplewire.com. I wrote to them a couple of days ago, to check
on progress, since they did a site redesign and the project vanished
from their developer's area.

This was their reply:

> ... the Wireless Transport is still in full swing and we
> actually should have a launchable module within 3 weeks. We
> will keep everyone posted with our newsletter so please
> sign-up for it. We are excited about our Jabber Transport.

David Bovill wrote:
> Anyone working on these? Any suggestions?
> In particular I'd like to see/use/organise a link up with the Kannel WAP/SMS
> open-source project - oh and I'd like this for July 14th -:)

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