[JDEV] IP Address

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Fri Apr 6 16:11:04 CDT 2001

Jabber does not expose the IP addresses of members automatically, a client would have to request the IP and other connection information, and transact 'manually'.

Because the type of information required to do these connections varies from case-to-case, there isn't really a general proposal on how to do this type of activity.
The closest thing that comes to mind are the jabber:x:oob and jabber:iq:oob namespaces.

If you aren't interested in doing this type of development and this was just a plain usage question related to an existing client, then no, there is no existing way
to get the IP for a user in your roaster. A proposal would need to be made for something like this.

-David Waite

Ugur wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using jabbercom for my client. I want to know IP adresses of users in my roaster (for user with netmeeting). How can I get IP address of on-line roaster item ?
> Thanks
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