[JDEV] Wrong subject before I apologize - Rooster unsubscribe

Lars Petersen lp at coder.dk
Mon Apr 9 05:25:25 CDT 2001

Hi there!
We've got some developers making a really cool jabber IM 
in java, and we've come upon a few things...
Here is what I got from the developers:
There seems to be a problem in the jabber server concerning 
msn subscriptions.
When you remove a subscription to an msn-contact the msn-contact 
is not notified that you unsubscribed to him.
Thus, when you add that person again he is never asked if he 
wants to allow you to subscibe to him - the subscription is just made.
I've experimented with the icq-transport on my own too, and found the
same being true. To the ICQ contact it seems that I add him without his 

Is this general for all non-jabber transports?


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