[JDEV] Relationship with .NET?

Aaron Johnson solution at gina.net
Mon Apr 9 12:54:00 CDT 2001

Dixon Canario wrote:

> What are really talking about...??
> I'm not a Microsoft follower either but in Fact I love Java
> and Oracle stuff but I think that Microsoft is gonna Kick
> some @$$ with Its C# ( C Sharp ) Language I've been using
> it for a few months is it amazing the things that you can
> do with it specially since I found a way to use it for
> Jabber and On linux machines.... BetCh'all Microsoft don't
> know about that.... He He....

I am not completely sure here, but I don't think the C# language is
going to kick any part of anyones anatomy.  It is proably a very useful
language, but you can't keep people (industries) from jumping to
different "standards" every few years like microsoft intends to.  Java
has gathered speed very lowly IMHO, and it still hasn't become the end
all be all of programming that it was touted as.  C is still one of the
most used languages. Why?  It has a track record, it has huge pool of
developers with exprience ( exprience is a key to success ). It has a
well established libaray base and it doesn't change its core every week
to fit the trends.

What would happen if every time there was a change in light bulb
technology the manufactures changed there components, different bulb
sizes, different fixtures, think of all the money they could make.
Light bulbs and fixtures are cheap too in comparison to what Microsoft
is doing to us.  I haven't seen any facts, but I would guess that on the
average it takes 3 years to become good at a language, not great, good.
Microsoft seems to think that just about the time someone is getting
good at something everyone should shift to THEIR latest idea of the best

Before I go any furher I need to make it clear that I run a Win2k
machine for my personal/work use so I am not an anti MS zealot.

I think as developers we should really evaluate what the impact of each
new language is on the industry as a whole, not just our own personal
opinions.  I love computers and I think they should be easy to use and
fun to use.  I also think developers shouldn't have to fight over what
to write something in and if they do it should be a limited set of
languages not a grocery list.  Selection is good when it comes to food,
which is fast to make and easy to sell for the most part, but software
isn't.  Software is a pain in the neck and it is one of the more
difficult things to do on some levels ( the please everyone level being
the biggest ).

As for the original post about the relationship with .NET:

.NET is an attempt by Microsoft to appear to be a team player when in
fact they intend to close the loop in the future.  They claim compliance
with SOAP and XML, for now that is true, this paragraph leads me to
think they do not intend to stick with these standards.  The last two
sentences IMHO suggest they are going to change them in the near future.

"HailStorm is the user-centric architecture and set of services for .NET
that deliver personally relevant information through the Internet to a
user, to software running on the user's behalf, or to devices working
for the user. HailStorm services are accessed through SOAP (Simple
Object Access Protocol) and XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which are
open access technologies: they can be called from any network-connected
device that supports SOAP, regardless of operating system or service
provider.  SOAP and XML are the open Internet standards Microsoft has
helped champion throughout the first phase of the .NET rollout.
HailStorm is the next logical step: Microsoft began by encouraging the
general standards and introducing the first Web services tools and
infrastructure. Now we’re leading the way to the first set of compelling
Web services."

I suggest if we as an industry are going to back anything we back SOAP
and XML and let .NET .DIE

Aaron Johnson

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