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Jens Langner jens.langner at newtron.net
Tue Apr 10 09:20:55 CDT 2001

Hello Developers,

I recently tested the latest JabberIM version 1.6.03 and I was impressed
about the new features. But also with some of this new features I am
facing some problems.

In earlier versions the password in the xml-configfile were not
encrypted and I preconfigured this xml-files for all my users so that
they just have to log in their NT systems and jabber will pop up
automatically without requesting a password. I am using the same
password for all users because we are just using jabber for our internal
communication with no internet connectivity.

Since I the latest jabberIM encryptes the password in his xml configfile
I am not able to preconfigure all the xml-files for the users.
Now I have one possibilities. The first one is that I log in as every
user by hand and save his encrypted password in his xml-file. But for
about 100 users this could be quite time consumpting.

So I want to put the question into this list and I hope that someone has
a quick answer for me and perhaps can provide me with the algorithm auf
the encryption so that I can write a tool where I can encrypt the



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