[JDEV] .. jabberim and file-transfer ..

Jens Langner jens.langner at newtron.net
Tue Apr 10 09:27:18 CDT 2001

Again me,

and again I am wondering about some things about the new release of
I tried the file-transfer and recognized that JabberIM is exchanging the
files between two jabber-clients via the server http://files.jabber.com/

Of course this is working, but I wondered about the security if I want
to use this feature from within a company and transfer important
documents, because it is possible for everyone, if he/she knows the
correct link to download the file if the transfer is still going on or
if the receiver is pending with accepting the transfer.

I found no possibility to modify the file-server for this.

Has anyone a idea about this or how I can change this behaviour ??



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