[JDEV] JUD docs?

Constantin Nickonov Nickonov at jabber.com
Tue Apr 10 09:41:12 CDT 2001

Running through some JUD operations (with Jabber IM in debug mode) yields
the following XML sequences:

SENT: <iq type="get" to="jud.foo.com"><query

RECV: <iq type='result' to='joe at foo.com' from='jud.foo.com'><query
xmlns='jabber:iq:register'><instructions>Fill in all of the fields to add
yourself to
<email>schmoe at foo.com</email><key>somekey</key><registered/></query></iq>

SENT: <iq type="set" to="jud.foo.com"><query
hmoe</nick><email>schmoe at foo.com</email><key>somekey</key></query></iq>

RECV: <iq type='result' to='joe at foo.com/Work' from='jud.foo.com'><query

SENT: <iq type="get" to="jud.foo.com"><query

RECV: <iq type='result' to='joe at foo.com' from='jud.foo.com'><query
xmlns='jabber:iq:search'><instructions>Fill in a field to

SENT: <iq type="set" to="jud.foo.com"><query

RECV: <iq type='result' to='joe at foo.com' from='jud.foo.com'><query
jid='bjones at foo.com'><first>Barnaby</first><last>Jones</last><nick>bjones</n
ick><email>bjones at foo.com</email></item><item
jid='bsmith at jabber.com'><first>Barnaby</first><last>Smith</last><nick>bsmith
</nick><email>bsmith at foo.com</email></item></query></iq>

These are only the nominal cases, of course. For errors, etc., try
connecting to a functional JUD (jabber.com's is up and running), and throw
some bad requests at it.

Constantin Nickonov

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> From: Peter Saint-Andre [mailto:stpeter at jabber.org]
> Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 5:34 PM
> To: jdev at jabber.org
> Subject: Re: [JDEV] JUD docs?
> Hi Colin,
> There is no such doc at present. It'd be helpful to have one, though.
> You are talking about the XML sent into and received from JUD, *not*
> messaging internal to JUD, right? This is similar to (or part of) what
> Jens is doing with his "cheat sheet", hopefully we can add JUD info to
> this soon.
> Peter
> > Colin Madere wrote:
> > 
> > I'm not looking to run the existing perl JUD, I'm looking 
> to implement
> > in another language.
> > 
> > Can anyone point me to a doc that would have all the 
> messages the JUD
> > uses (specs on the messages)?  If we do this, I want to make sure
> > everything will work with existing and future clients.
> > 
> > I'm know I'm a lazy bum for not going through all the JPG, JPO, etc,
> > but I've done so too many times in the past with the results being
> > fruitless :(  No offense, Peter (and others), I know you've been
> > adding TONS of info and kudos for it!
> > 
> > Colin
> > > 

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