[JDEV] Registration questions

Constantin Nickonov Nickonov at jabber.com
Tue Apr 10 13:05:25 CDT 2001

The <registered/> tag also comes into play with JUD, i.e., when there's
already an entry in the database. In such instances, the current entry is
also passed back to the client, who can choose to change it.

Constantin Nickonov 

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(1) I'm somewhat confused about the "already registered" response. As far as
I can tell, it indicates that the requested username is already taken, so
the client should prompt the user to enter a different username. (The JPG
says "If the user is already registered with this service..." when I think
what it really means is "If the chosen username is already registered by
another user...") 

Well, this doesn't appear to be true, at least for registering for a JID.
Now that I have my code running, jabber.org actually returns me an error 409
"username not available" in this situation, which does make more sense. 

So what does <registered> mean? Does it come into use only when registering
with a transport? 


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