[JDEV] Kid-safe messaging: [was buddy icons]

Thomas Parslow (PatRat) patrat at rat-software.com
Wed Apr 11 08:27:25 CDT 2001

> Is there one - what's the address?
> Wouldn't the solution be that all servers and transports have to do some
> Public Key based authentication on first connection?
> Personally I'm fairly new to messaging and became interested more from the
> live XML data communications face of Jabber, and as a result signed up for a
> variety of IM "accounts".
> I have noticed that I pretty well invariably get spam'd by "Valerie" or
> whoever when I sign up for a new account on ICQ ( a few seconds after
> signing up)... not good news if you are thinking of building chat into a
> kids learning environment.
> Can anyone give e an idea of how "they" do this? And what the implications
> are for using Jabber in this area are?

Part of the problem is that ICQ numbers are assigned sequentially,
this is how they can easily target new accounts (the reason that you
get loads of e-mails requesting you credit card number when you sign up
for compuserve).

What I would recommend if you want to protect your users from messages
of this type is blocking all messages from people not on the roster,
this should be fairly watertight... Maybe things could be setup so
that all messages received from users not on the roster are forwarded
to another JID (the admins) but this would require a modified client.

For the time being, just not using the ICQ transport should be enough,
it's not a problem on Jabber (in my experience).

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