[JDEV] Kid-safe messaging: [was buddy icons]

Todd Bradley TBradley at jabber.com
Wed Apr 11 09:05:23 CDT 2001

> What I would recommend if you want to protect your users from messages
> of this type is blocking all messages from people not on the roster,
> this should be fairly watertight... Maybe things could be setup so
> that all messages received from users not on the roster are forwarded
> to another JID (the admins) but this would require a modified client.

Or a server side module.

> For the time being, just not using the ICQ transport should be enough,
> it's not a problem on Jabber (in my experience).

True enough.  The only porn spam I ever get is when
the ICQ gateway is working.  Of course, once there is
a Jabber client that works well through a firewall,
I'll be able to convince the last ICQ holdouts to
move over to Jabber and then it won't be an issue for

However, even though spam isn't a problem yet on the
Jabber network, there will come a day when it is does
become a problem.  Once there are enough users of
Jabber, there will naturally follow those who want to
advertise to them and then it's only a small step to
Jabber spam.  That's why it's important (to me, at
least) to start planning for countermeasures sooner
rather than later.


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