[JDEV] Kid-safe messaging: [was buddy icons]

Neeme Praks neeme at one.lv
Wed Apr 11 10:43:40 CDT 2001

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> Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 5:05 PM
> However, even though spam isn't a problem yet on the
> Jabber network, there will come a day when it is does
> become a problem.  Once there are enough users of
> Jabber, there will naturally follow those who want to
> advertise to them and then it's only a small step to
> Jabber spam.  That's why it's important (to me, at
> least) to start planning for countermeasures sooner
> rather than later.

why do you think it will become an issue if the user itself is careful
enough? It definitely isn't easy to guess the account names on Jabber, as it
is the case with ICQ.
For example, I don't get any spam on my MSN Messenger account (and no email
spam to my hotmail account neither).

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