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Thomas Parslow (PatRat) patrat at rat-software.com
Wed Apr 11 11:02:22 CDT 2001

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>> However, even though spam isn't a problem yet on the
>> Jabber network, there will come a day when it is does
>> become a problem.  Once there are enough users of
>> Jabber, there will naturally follow those who want to
>> advertise to them and then it's only a small step to
>> Jabber spam.  That's why it's important (to me, at
>> least) to start planning for countermeasures sooner
>> rather than later.
> why do you think it will become an issue if the user itself is careful
> enough? It definitely isn't easy to guess the account names on Jabber, as it
> is the case with ICQ.
> For example, I don't get any spam on my MSN Messenger account (and no email
> spam to my hotmail account neither).

But that relies on every user knowing what they're doing ;)
Also, many users wish to be listed in online directories so that
people can find them.

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