[JDEV] Kid-safe messaging: [was buddy icons]

David Bovill david.bovill at opn-technologies.com
Wed Apr 11 12:55:38 CDT 2001

Interesting, I think I'd like to implement something along these lines, but
needs pinning down...

> One big vague architectural solution is to establish some kind of "web
> of trust" where transitive buddyhood (foo at bar.com is unknown to me but
> is on one of my buddy's buddy lists) is used as a heuristic to guess
> that someone is legit and therefore not block their messages. The
> problem is how to trawl through the directed graph of buddy lists
> without privacy concerns coming up, since I don't necessarily want all
> my buddies knowing who else is on my buddy list.
> Here's a quick thought: Allow each user to keep a private server-side
> list that rates other users positively or negatively. Other users can
> then send special messages to your server to query for your rating of a
> single other user. By sending such a query to your whole buddy list, you
> can compute an aggregate ranking that gives you an idea of whether or
> not to trust or block some unknown user. Should be quite simple to
> implement...
> ‹Jens

Is anyone else is interested in this? Otherwise Jens I'll mail you off list
when I have something to say -:)

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