[JDEV] Trouble with local JUD

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Wed Apr 11 13:10:16 CDT 2001

Hi Ørjan

In case you are still struggling (I don't see any further msgs in this
thread) - I'll put in my two pence

silly things out of the way first:

are you sure the <service id="jud"><host.....> stuff isn't between
XML comments (<!-- ... -->) so that the jabberd isn't able to find
the instance definition?

you refer to the 1.4 howto, so I assume you're installing JUD against
1.4, so the jud directory is normally jud-1.4/ - however I see you've
used "jud/jud.so" in your examples... Is this OK?

OK, now theory:

the jud doesn't need to be resolvable as it's local(ly defined as a 
service component instance in the config). This suggests two things:
(a) there shouldn't be any need to edit /etc/hosts with jud entries
(b) the console log output that you quote suggests that it's trying
to resolve the jud.vkhd.... name which suggests that it _hasn't_ found
anything matching that locally (i.e. it's passed it to the dnsrv/dialback

I've proved (a) to myself by installing jud without any hostname/DNS
changes and it works, and (b) is just a theory, as I'm still learning
of course :-)

So it would seem to me the problem is that the JUD service definition
is not getting recognised properly.

Debug output (as temas suggests) by starting the server with -D and 
capturing STDERR would be very useful...


(ready to be kicked for false assumptions...)

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