[JDEV] client for zero knowledge authentication

Jared Rhine jared at wordzoo.com
Thu Apr 12 07:31:14 CDT 2001

[Citation date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 01:06:22 -0700 (PDT)]

>>>>> Girish == Girish chhatwani <jdev at jabber.org>

    Girish> So i will be really grateful if anybody can tell if there
    Girish> is any client or is there any code available that supports
    Girish> Zero Knowledge Authentication.

I, and probably most people on this list, are only vaguely familiar
with zero-knowledge styles of authentication.  You should probably
start providing a little more context if you want people to actually
help you.

You, of course, searched the Jabber archives and found messages like:





To answer your question directly, the 1.4 server release at:


includes the statement:

  The recent protocol enhancements supported at this time (some
  client-side and some server-side) are listed at
  http://docs.jabber.org/draft-proto/ and include:

  - authentication: support for zero-knowledge authentication, for
    more secure login

A google search for 'jabber zero knowledge authentication' also
provides other useful results.

You did do some of your own searching first, right?

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