[JDEV] Re: Anyone tried tunneling XML ?

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Thu Apr 12 08:00:35 CDT 2001

  Jabber client communications, yes.  Unfortionatly, you *do* have to do a
little bit of a fakeout of the IP address.  Clients such as WinJab connect
to, say, "jabber.org", and present the server name as part of the initial
stream connection.  Hence, I cannot tell it to connect, in my case, my local
machine with a name of 'TCharron', forwarding the socket out thru a
httptunnel, and coming out on the other side.  Jabber.org would boot the
connection, becouse it's name ain't 'TCharron'.  Easiest way to do this is
fake out the IP by placing jabber.org in either
c:\(systemdir)\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to point to the box providing the
tunnel (Or /etc/hosts on a *nix system).

  s2s communications would be harder, do to dialbacks..

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>Anyone tried Jabber server communications through the tunnel ?

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