[JDEV] Jabber behavior behing SOCKS firewalls

Edward Geraghty edgy at us.ibm.com
Fri Apr 13 18:32:40 CDT 2001


     I have been watching the jdev/jadmin mailing list
 for about 2-3 weeks now. I've seen a bunch of discussion
concerning SOCKS servers.  What I didn't see mentioned
was the behavior or possiblity to have Jabber servers
behind a SOCKS firewall connecting to other Jabber servers
on the internet.

     There was mention of the bind extensions to SOCKS
to allow  inbound connections.. Those are only useful if your
SOCKS server actually allow/support those extensions. Quesitons
is how would a jabber server/client work in this environment
if you sent a chat message to another user at anotherdomain.com?

     This is the way I see it happening, from what I read, which
would easily be wrong : )
A  user at jabber.company.com connects to a jabber server called
jabber.company.com which could be on that company's intranet.
If a user was to chat/add to roster/request presence info from a
another user at (e.g) user at jabber.org. The jabber server at
jabber.company.com would open a connection to a server at
jabber.org to deliver the message.. The question is how long is
that connect kept for or is it closed after delivery?

     Is there any way to allow for one way connections say from
inside an intranet to outside maybe with a long running connection
between the servers? Would one-way communication work inside
to out?

     This is very similar to the NAT problem, unless your gonna
forward a specific port to an internal IP address. Just curious how
othere have tackled this problem.


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