[JDEV] registering component with jabber server

Schuyler Heath sheath at jabber.org
Sun Apr 15 17:42:13 CDT 2001

From looking at your debug output below it seems to me that it
did work.

> Sun Apr 15 22:53:21 2001  mio.c:698 MIO read from socket 12: <?xml
> version="1.0"
> ?><stream:stream xmlns:stream="http://etherx.jabber.org/streams" id="1234"
> xmlns
> ="jabber:component:accept" from="winauth">

This is the header you wrote to base_accept.  Strictly speaking, it should be
a to="winauth" not from="", but it doesn't actually effect anything.

> Sun Apr 15 22:53:21 2001  base_accept.c:100 process XML: m:80DEC68 state:2,
> arg:
> 8109A90, x:81F6178
> Sun Apr 15 22:53:21 2001  mio.c:908 mio_write called on x: 0 buffer:
> Sun Apr 15 22:53:21 2001  mio.c:268 write_dump writing data: <?xml
> version='1.0'
> ?><stream:stream xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams'
> id='3ADA0A41' x
> mlns='jabber:component:accept' from='winauth'>

Here is the header base_accept wrote back.  After you receive this,
you need to start the handshake.  Take the id="" attribute,
in this case 3ADA0A41, and concatenate it with the password:
SHA it and send the result back to base_accept in a <handshake/> tag.

base_accept only sends you a <handshake/> tag in acknowledgement to your <handshake/>
with the hash, not before.

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