[JDEV] Jabber Applet GroupChat Problems!

amit_a at myiris.com amit_a at myiris.com
Mon Apr 16 07:10:03 CDT 2001

Hi Everyone,

I installed the JabberApplet.jar on a RedHat 
linux machine and all other functions work fine 
except for the groupchat feature.

When I chose the option of "Join Group Chat" on 
the applet menu, I got the error:
"The Group Chat module has not been installed 
for the ... Jabber Server."

If I use WinJab's Groupchat feature on the same 
server, it works fine!

Back to the Applet...upon inspection I found 
that the server is sending the following XML to 
the Applet:

<iq id='Agents' type='result' 
to='amit at chembur.myiris.com/JabberApplet' 
jid='jud.chembur.myiris.com'><name>Jabber User 

What could be wrong?

By modifying the code in JabberApplet.java:
in the function agentsProcessing
changing the line:
if (service.compareTo("conference")==0)
if (service.compareTo("public")==0)

makes the Applet go a step further and prompt 
for the chatroom name & the nick name.

Have I made the right modifications? or should 
the server report the services as:
"jud" & "conference"

Thanks in advance


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