[JDEV] Jabber Applet GroupChat Problems!

David Scott dscott at jabber.com
Mon Apr 16 09:31:47 CDT 2001

There's a few more modifications you'll need to make.  The modifications
you've made will allow the applet to recognize the groupchat service.  Now
you'll probably need to modify additional code (most likely in the
JabberApplet.java, GroupChat.java and JabberComm.java files) to handle the
newer groupchat.

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Hi Everyone,

I installed the JabberApplet.jar on a RedHat 
linux machine and all other functions work fine 
except for the groupchat feature.

When I chose the option of "Join Group Chat" on 
the applet menu, I got the error:
"The Group Chat module has not been installed 
for the ... Jabber Server."

If I use WinJab's Groupchat feature on the same 
server, it works fine!

Back to the Applet...upon inspection I found 
that the server is sending the following XML to 
the Applet:

<iq id='Agents' type='result' 
to='amit at chembur.myiris.com/JabberApplet' 
jid='jud.chembur.myiris.com'><name>Jabber User 

What could be wrong?

By modifying the code in JabberApplet.java:
in the function agentsProcessing
changing the line:
if (service.compareTo("conference")==0)
if (service.compareTo("public")==0)

makes the Applet go a step further and prompt 
for the chatroom name & the nick name.

Have I made the right modifications? or should 
the server report the services as:
"jud" & "conference"

Thanks in advance


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