[JDEV] Jabber Applet GroupChat Problems!

wasted wasted at shwango.com
Mon Apr 16 11:56:01 CDT 2001

Yeah, there's some trickery involved in getting it to work.  I hacked some
mods for the applet and the 1.2 server, but I think 1.4 broke 'em!  If I
get a chance I'll dig out what I did (we're not using the JabberApplet 
anymore - rolled our own with JabberBeans for some custom stuff) and post 


On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, David Scott wrote:

> There's a few more modifications you'll need to make.  The modifications
> you've made will allow the applet to recognize the groupchat service.  Now
> you'll probably need to modify additional code (most likely in the
> JabberApplet.java, GroupChat.java and JabberComm.java files) to handle the
> newer groupchat.
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> Subject: [JDEV] Jabber Applet GroupChat Problems!
> Hi Everyone,
> I installed the JabberApplet.jar on a RedHat 
> linux machine and all other functions work fine 
> except for the groupchat feature.
> When I chose the option of "Join Group Chat" on 
> the applet menu, I got the error:
> "The Group Chat module has not been installed 
> for the ... Jabber Server."
> If I use WinJab's Groupchat feature on the same 
> server, it works fine!
> Back to the Applet...upon inspection I found 
> that the server is sending the following XML to 
> the Applet:

... snip

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