[JDEV] Jabber Applet GroupChat Problems!

kadokev at msg.net kadokev at msg.net
Mon Apr 16 23:45:26 CDT 2001

A concise explanation of how the protocol has evolved is available at the
end of this message, or a complete explanation at this URL:

> Yeah, there's some trickery involved in getting it to work.  I hacked some
> mods for the applet and the 1.2 server, but I think 1.4 broke 'em!  If I
> get a chance I'll dig out what I did (we're not using the JabberApplet 
> anymore - rolled our own with JabberBeans for some custom stuff) and post 
> back.

If you start from the CVS checkout of the 'new' JabberApplet, it is somewhat
closer to having the new 'Conference' service (replacement for the old
GroupChat functions) than other versions.

Functional 'group chat' to a 1.4 server from JabberApplet is something that
many people (including myself.) desire, but so far nobody has put in the
effort to make the changes to the code.

I know just barely enough about Java to recompile the JabberApplet.jar, so
I am a good candidate to test new versions, but not to write the code...

Kevin Kadow
MSG.Net, Inc.
> On Mon, 16 Apr 2001, David Scott wrote:
> > There's a few more modifications you'll need to make.  The modifications
> > you've made will allow the applet to recognize the groupchat service.  Now
> > you'll probably need to modify additional code (most likely in the
> > JabberApplet.java, GroupChat.java and JabberComm.java files) to handle the
> > newer groupchat.
> > 
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: amit_a at myiris.com [mailto:amit_a at myiris.com]
> > Subject: [JDEV] Jabber Applet GroupChat Problems!
> > I installed the JabberApplet.jar on a RedHat 
> > linux machine and all other functions work fine 
> > except for the groupchat feature.
> > 
> > When I chose the option of "Join Group Chat" on 
> > the applet menu, I got the error:
> > "The Group Chat module has not been installed 
> > for the ... Jabber Server."

This is correct, in that the new 'Conference' function is not backwards
compatible with the old 'Group Chat module'. Basically, there were three
		Groupchat	1.0
Experimental	iq:groupchat	1.1	aka 'conferencing' from CVS
		Conference	1.4

The catch is, Conference / 1.4 does not support the experimental 1.1 version.

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