[JDEV] Help: Segmentation fault & Core Dumped...

Colin Madere colin at vedalabs.com
Tue Apr 17 10:43:12 CDT 2001

Dillip here has been trying to get this to work for quite a while... 

I can give a little input, but I definitely don't know all the details of
getting the xdb_sql server module to work.

I know you need to set up a service in the 'jabber.xml' file to use the
'xdb_sql' module rather than the built-in 'xdb_file' module.

The process should be the same for any module which wants to use something
other than the filesystem to store user info, etc.

Is this detailed in any of the docs written so far?

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Hi Guys
Now I am integrating my module xdb_sql with server jabber-1.2...but there is
some problem after some process..it shows...segmentation fault & Core
Dumped..then automaticaly closing the server and it is unable to connect
with my temporary Database jabber...I want to know how will close data which
is stored in the spool Directory and open my database....jabber in mysql...

Please any body can help me in this regards....

Thanx in advance
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