[JDEV] <instructions> language

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Wed Apr 18 11:35:18 CDT 2001

Marco Pontello wrote:

> Ciao!
> When the server supply ad instruction item, ex. when querying for
> searching on a user directory, or registering a new transport, it's
> possibile to send many <instruction> with different xml:lang
> attribute? Like:
> <instructions xml:lang="en">
>               Enter your AIM screen
>               name and password.
> </instructions>
> <instructions xml:lang="it">
>               Inserire il nome utente
>               AIM e la password
> </instructions>

I'm thinking something a bit more like:

<iq type='get' to='some.transport.server.com'><query
xmlns='jabber:iq:register' xml:lang="it"/></iq>

Transports which do not support the xml:lang attribute or which just
don't have an italian translation for the instructions would return

A non-english client would need to also take the registration field names
(the tag names) which are predefined and represent them correctly in
whatever language within the client.

-David Waite

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